Matthew Ludwick – Bullying

When I was in grade school, I was bullied a lot. Sometimes it was for me being short, sometimes it was for my glasses, but most of the time it was due to my race, and most of the time it was from Caucasians. I’ve been called names, pushed, not allowed to do things, and […]

Mayweather VS McGregor

With the recent announcement of Mayweather VS McGregor many people are counting out McGregor. I have to agree with them. Mayweather is the sport’s best athlete, and McGregor is walking into his ring and leaving the cage for this fight. Boxers have notoriously done horrible inside the cage, but this will be the first time […]

Who are your true friends?

Who are your true friends? This may seem like a simple question, but I would like to define “true” for you. It’s not the people that you drink with, get high with, party, and socialize.  It might not even be your co-workers that you see 40 hours a week.  Those people will leave quickly when your […]