Mayweather VS McGregor

mcgregor 2With the recent announcement of Mayweather VS McGregor many people are counting out McGregor. I have to agree with them. Mayweather is the sport’s best athlete, and McGregor is walking into his ring and leaving the cage for this fight. Boxers have notoriously done horrible inside the cage, but this will be the first time an MMA fighter stepped into the ring to box, and this time it will be against the best boxer in the sports history.

I hope the best for McGregor, and I think he has a very slight chance. Here are three things that McGregor has going for him:

1. Age difference – There is a 13 year age difference, playing in McGregor’s hand. However, Mayweather is a defensive genius, not needing speed, but just his shoulder roll move to wear his opponent down and win by decision.
2. South Paw – McGregor is a South Paw, which Mayweather has struggled with in the past. I’m sure Mayweather will train for this, but all of McGregor’s fighting techniques are not traditional.
3. Size of gloves – They settled on using 10 oz. gloves. This helps McGregor’s case. The larger the glove, the more it can be used as a defensive weapon to perry jab’s and crosses. 16 oz. is normal for a boxing match, so this is a much smaller glove then Mayweather is used to.