Who are your true friends?

Who are your true friends? This may seem like a simple question, but I would like to define “true” for you. It’s not the people that you drink with, get high with, party, and socialize.  It might not even be your co-workers that you see 40 hours a week.  Those people will leave quickly when your not available to continue that life style. You will find your true friends in the darkest of times. Maybe it’s through a divorce, maybe an eviction, or maybe you just can’t find someone to help you move, but your true friends will be available for you. I had to learn this the difficult way when life through a curve ball at me. Social Media gives us a feeling that we have hundreds or thousands of friends. When life got me down, I found some of these people that were “friends” making fun of me online and continuing the rumors. Your friends will come forward when you think all is lost, but I will warn you…it will only be a few.

By, Matthew Ludwick